• The specifically designed hoop section was given a trapezoidal shape to allow the anchorage of the small wheels on the upper and lower side and to prevent water/mud or dirt buildup. The hoop is linked to the frame in 3 points (6 conical wheels), which prevent any movement other than spinning.

  • The Sadler Bike hoops is made with 6 chambers, to improve firmness. The hoop section was developed and refined with FEM calculations. The max load for one single wheel is 100Kg (200Kg for the bike). With such load (significantly greater compared to a classic hoop) the measured elastic stretch is only 1,8mm.

  • The impact with a sidewalk or a hole does not pose any problem for the hoop and the cycle stability.

  • At each pedaling a city bike (with 26” hoops) has a linear extension of about 4.6-5m, to perform the same run with the same effort for a complete pedal spin, a double chain was installed. This system multiplies the thrust by 1:4 to allow a traditional run.

  • Even in the starting phase, the system is comparable to a classic one and run fluidity is guaranteed by the hoop and small wheels coupling.

  • In Plus and E-Bike versions a Efneo Gears GTRO 3-gear shift was installed in the pedals, to allow further help for the driver.

  • Starting from the open bicycle, disconnected the front and rear hoops, the folding happens with one hand move (unlike the several steps needed for other foldable bicycles sold on the market). Once the rapid locks are unhooked, it is possible to lift the bicycle from the central side to trigger the automatic folding process.

  • Starting from the closed bicycle, lifting the curved front and rear bar with one hand, the bicycle will open by itself. Locking the central hook, the frame will stay in an open position. The operation ends inserting and hooking the hoops.

    A rapid lockage for the wheel hoops was installed, with a correct folding check device (green/red). The bicycle was designed for more security measures:

    • If the system was not locked, it is not possible to use the seat, in folding position;
    • In case of incomplete lockage and seat usage, the bicycle will not collapse, because the folding system requires lifting it up (in case of pressure downwards, the bicycle tends to open completely).

  • Yes, there is a common valve air chamber. Optionally, a tubeless tire can be installed.

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